Transits and Returns Espace

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Joni Low

An exhibition can be a presentation of artworks from different places that connect ideas together in a gallery space for visitors. More powerfully, as with Transits and Returns, it can also be a deeply transformative process for all who are involved: a small revolution towards self-determination, sovereignty, and collective liberation, effects which are also felt on encountering its final form. Three years ago, the exhibition began as conversations between curators from the settler colonial nation states of Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA—Sarah Biscarra Dilley, Freja Carmichael, Leuli Eshragi, Tarah Hogue and Lana Lopesi—who recognized the Great (Pacific) Ocean between their territories as not neutral, but rather a culturally and politically charged expanse, fluidly connecting different cultures across generations and millennia.

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Hyung-Min Yoon, Black Book | Joni Low

Hyung-Min Yoon, Black Book Espace

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Série : IA : art sans artistes ?, 124 - 2020, 01/01/2020
Joni Low

How can one find humour in these dark and divisive times? What is, and has been, the role of communications technologies in uniting and separating humanity, across time and cultures? And of satire? How do we trust information received in an era of ‘fake’ news, simultaneous with the deconstruction of dominant histories and beliefs that no longer hold?

Crocodile Tears | Joni Low

Crocodile Tears Espace

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Série : Laboratoires, 126 - octobre 2020, 05/10/2020
Joni Low

We’ve been feeling, for a while, that things are not as they seem. Much of life is revealed as representation—as rituals drained of myth that we consciously or unconsciously perform. Aesthetics are complicit in masking corruption and deception. Identity is marketed to us as malleable and orchestrated constructs. Feelings have become manipulated, truncated, and weaponized as emotional currency in o…

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